The Dildo Reinvented.
Introducing, The Tight Light

A wellness-first sex toy: The Tight Light use the power of sunshine to support vaginal tightening, give you better orgasms, reduce soreness, and help recovery after pregnancy.

The Tight Light is Life Changing

Vaginal health can have a large impact on quality of life

Red Light Feels Good

Red light has been scientifically proven to make you look and feel amazing. For the first time ever, we have packaged red and near-infrared light inside a dildo for mind-blowing orgasms.

A Tighter Pussy

Red light has been shown to increase strength gains by 64%. Make those kegels count! Bring you and your partner/s more pleasure while improving overall health.

100% Natural

Pure deep red and near-infrared light LEDs (50/50 mix). Naturally improves blood flow and cellular function by using the best parts of warm sunshine. No UV. No flicker.

100% Safe

Hard, clear glass casing FDA-approved materials as food grade. FDA allowed as a wellness device (not for medical purposes). Safety of red light established across thousands of peer-reviewed studies.

What women are saying

We have been engaging with many women as we refine the design of the Tight Light and improve prototypes to make sure it provides an experience that works for everyone.

"That is actually so sick and brilliant"




"The girls are interested"

"Lmaoo 😂😂 tell me more"

"Seriously I totally would. My guy would find it fun adding it to our time together. 😜 let me know when u have a prototype."

"Omg yes"

Scientifically Validated

Research has shown red and near-infrared light therapy works, without the risk of side effects, and at a low cost.

10k vaginal rejuvenation surgeries yearly in US at about $5k eachThe Rationale for Photobiomodulation Therapy of Vaginal Tissue for Treatment of Genitourinary Syndrome of Menopause: An Analysis of Its Mechanism of Action, and Current Clinical OutcomesComparable consumer products have 11x less power, yet double the costClinically available products with matching power cost as much as the Tight Light for just 1 session!Irradiance transmission data in vaginas15% of women have pelvic pain and PBM helpsPost-menopausal women sometimes need panty liners due to poor urinary control.One third of women will experience some degree of anterior vaginal prolapse in their lifetimeThere are 200k Colporrhaphy surgeries in the US each year at a cost of about $8k each.3.6m pregnancies per year in the USRed light therapy proven across thousands of peer-reviewed studies

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