Introducing, The Tight Light
A Wellness-First Sex Toy

The Tight Light uses the power of sunshine to support vaginal health, stronger orgasms, reduce soreness, and help recovery after pregnancy.

The Tight Light is Life Changing

Vaginal health can have a large impact on quality of life.

Red Light Feels Good

Red light has been scientifically proven to make you look and feel amazing, and is a large part of why the sun feels so good!For the first time ever, directly promote reproductive system wellness with red and near-infrared light right where it's needed.

Natural Muscle Strength

66% of women experience some bladder leakage, a common problem due to muscle weakness after child birth. You are not alone, and the Tight Light can help.Red light has been shown to increase strength gains by 64%. Make the most of your pelvic floor training.

100% Natural

Pure deep red and near-infrared light LEDs (50/50 mix). Naturally improves blood flow and cellular function by using the best parts of warm sunshine. No UV and no flicker.

Production Design Finalized

Production batch has just finished and will be shipping early November.- Comparable products have 11x less power, yet double the cost- Clinically available products with matching power cost as much as the Tight Light for just 1 session!

100% Safe

This wellness device is made with a hard clear glass casing & FDA-approved food grade materials. The safety of red light is well established across - thousands of peer-reviewed studies.

High Quality Materials

Hard, clear, thick borosilicate glass is extremely tough and has excellent transparency in the red and near-infrared range. An ultra safe high power USB level power input cable will come out of the blue-silicone when complete. (Batteries don't provide enough power for effective results). Just over 1.5 inch diameter and about 7.5 inches long.

Our Customer Feedback

The Tight Light is focused on providing an effective experience that works for everyone.Thank you to those who gave feedback during our pilot program!

"That is actually so sick and brilliant!""I love the gentle warmth""Since my son was born, things have been a little different down there. Looking forward to the effects over the next few months!""Lmaoo, red light therapy has evolved. This thing is great.""My guy finds it to be a fun addition to our time together.""Omg yes! I didn't know before, but this is exactly what I needed.""This is a great product for ladies who live in an apartment who can't sun their lady parts outside. I like to use it before my kegel exercises."

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